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We develop and enhance your image on print, on social media and on the web.

We deal with communication for the tourism sector on a regional, national and international level.

How do we do it?

We promote the potential and image of the brand, through the different communication channels by launching a press office strategy, territorial marketing and PR, social media marketing, press visits, story pitches. We plan and organize special B2B and B2C promotional events to help boost value to the brands we represent in their communications strategy.

We convey what makes your brand unique to journalists and the general public through different targeted actions specifically designed for your key audience:

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the press kit

represents the identity of the brand, contains the set of interesting news items that tell the story and identity of a person, a company. Journalists get more information from here to write an article,

targeted communications

aimed at increasing media attention in certain crucial periods of the year,

ongoing press office and PR media activities

activities (creation of a press kit, selection of images, continuous and coordinated communication with the sectors managed by other professionals),


PR and marketing branding,

social media,

press visits, organization of events, openings and one-to-one visits with the press


periodic website copywriting and updating

we collaborate with

Villa Cordevigo Wine Relais

Five stars in the Bardolino area, on Lake Garda

Sina Centurion Palace – Venice

A five-star luxury hotel overlooking the Grand Canal

We have cooperated with

Venetian Association of Hoteliers (AVA)

The Venetian Hoteliers Association

My Christmas Venice

This project began from the desire for rebirth

Sina The Gray, cinque stelle, Milano

Design boutique hotel in Milan

Castello di Roncade – Treviso

Between art, culture, history, wine and wine tradition