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Micaela Scapin, professional journalist and author


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Micaela Scapin

a journalist who believes in the power of the word. Micaela Scapin, founder of Micaela Scapin Comunicazione is a professional journalist. After several affiliations with newspapers, magazines and specialized press, she has dedicated her career to foreign communications and media PR.

She has written for Maxim, (RCS), Il Gazzettino, GustoSano, Vie del Gusto, Viaggiando con Gusto.


She published the novel “Svegliati sono le nove ” (2009, Supernova) which tells the story of a restless young Venetian who flees from Venice and takes refuge in Madrid in search of herself: the physical journey turns into an inner journey to discover the universe of women.


She presented the story “Scusate per il disturbo” (published by La Toletta and in reprint by Linea Edizioni): a journey of love and sweetness in the heart of a mother who knows she must leave a sentimental will to her family, to help her survive illness and the oblivion of memory. A story that evokes music, voices from the past, black and white images.

Eighteen writers, the most representative voices of Northeast Italy told stories of love, violence, work, and power. The stories also emphasize a brutal reality with irony, in which equality does not exist, neither in the world of work nor in relationships. The stories represent everyday life and help us reflect on women’s daily lives, as they are experienced; they show a female point of view made up of fatigue, battles, resilience: truly “in your face”. And one that will not be ignored.