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Rehegoo Music Group

founded in 2014

We collaborated (20019 -2020) with the company for Cortina Fashion Weekend, the event organized by the non-profit association “Cortina for Us”.

Rehegoo , founded in 2014 by the entrepreneur Marco Rinaldo is based in London (UK), he was responsible for the musical direction of the event that traditionally opens the winter season and takes place in the centre of Cortina in the Dolomites.

What we did:

  • national PR media and press office
  • collection of information and photographic material
  • media kit of the event
  • coordination and support for television and radio interviews


The main goal of Rehegoo Music Group is to allow all artists to be heard. It also has a streaming platform that can be customized according to the business, able to draw on a highly respected music catalogue, with unreleased songs and hundreds of playlists and genres.

Rehegoo Music Group
Kingsland House
122-124 Regent Street
London W1B 5SA, UK