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Press visit Tagliapietra & Figli, Isole Lofoten


Tagliapietra & Figli SRL

leading company in the import of cod

With Tagliapietra & Figli SRL, a leading company in the import of cod from the Lofoten Islands and in trade throughout Italy, we organized the press visit dedicated to the Italian national press in Norway. Objective of the trip: to inform food journalists the ways in which the company chooses and imports the raw material from Lofoten. The aim was to transmit to the media the respect that the company has for the Norwegian culture, the deep knowledge of production systems and the attention paid to the quality of the products.

What we have done

  • media kit
  • management of invitations
  • drafting of the programme
  • welcome and organization of journalists
  • organization of press visit
  • collection of photographic material


Tagliapietra e figli SRL imports the best Norwegian cod, cod from Denmark and stockfish directly from local producers of the Lofoten islands in Norway, using innovative production processes.

Tagliapietra e figli SRL
Via Torino, 121 Mestre (Venezia) Italy