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My Christmas Venice

This project began from the desire for rebirth


My Christmas Venice (MCV)

This project began from the desire for rebirth

The spiritual renaissance of a city, such as Venice, which takes place during the Christmas period through shared experiences in public spaces, where different people can build a sense a sense of community.

The Micaela Scapin Comunicazione team headed the organization of the second edition of My Christmas Venice by developing a local and national communication project.

The purpose of MCV

conceived by the entrepreneur Chiara Bocchini and sponsored by the Municipality of Venice,

was to promote the image of a welcoming, organized, helpful, smiling and safe city. A Venice “all dressed up” where children, residents, locals and visitors could experience the atmosphere of the true Venetian Christmas tradition. The project, driven by an ambitious mission, was developed through an evocative path of urban decor created for the city, especially in the less-heavily visited Dorsoduro area. A series of events, free to the public, and the creation of a market exhibition of excellent craftsmanship in the exclusive location of Palazzo Zenobio, a splendid Venetian building from the end of the 17th century, were highlights of the project.

What we have done:

  • Media kit creation
  • Continued communication with local and national media
  • Press releases
  • Organization of the press conference for presentation at the Sina Centurion Palace in Venice
  • One to one interviews
  • Reception of journalists and PR media
  • Press review and follow up

Media Kit Castello di Roncade

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