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Chef Eleonora Andriolo

8 December 2020

Chef Eleonora Andriolo

the Acchiappagusto Restaurant

We collaborated as a press, communication and PR office with chef Eleonora Andriolo of the Acchiappagusto Restaurant – Emozioni dei Sapori (Arcugnano – Vicenza).

The restaurant was included in the L’Espresso 2019 Restaurant Guide and in the Venezie a Tavola 2019 Guide.

the project

increase the visibility of the chef

The aim of the communication was to increase the visibility of the chef, gaining recognition for the restaurant on a regional level, especially in the Vicenza area where it is located. During the annual collaboration, the chef participated in the following events:

  • Best Emerging Chef competition hosted in Milan
  • Journalist’s Risotto contest organized by the Rice Fair of Isola della Scala (Verona)
  • “Durello and friends” event organized in Vicenza in 2018
  • XIV edition of Caseus Veneti, the regional competition for cheeses of the Veneto at Villa Contarini (Piazzola sul Brenta – Padua) entering with DOP Asiago cheese

The Acchiappagusto Restaurant Emozioni dei Sapori
Via S. Giustina 9, 36057
Arcugnano (Vicenza)