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Castello di Roncade – Treviso

Between art, culture, history, wine and wine tradition


Castello di Roncade Treviso

between art, culture, history, wine and wine tradition

The communication plan for the Castello di Roncade deals with direct consultancy of social media marketing and media PR activities, as agreed with Baron Claudio Ciani Bassetti. From March 2020, we are responsible for the social programming of the Facebook and Instagram profiles of Castello di Roncade. The mission is to broaden the visibility of the location, both from tourist and oenological point of views.

The winery, led by Baron Vincenzo, flanked by his son Claudio, now surrounds the entire villa that the family cares for with great commitment both in the vineyard in the cellar and in the hospitality of the B&B. The real soul of Castello di Roncade is the history of the family that is intrinsically tied to the villa.

What we do:

  • Media kit
  • One to one invitation with national and international press journalists to experience the Castello di Roncade
  • PR with specialized media in the wine sector
  • Storytelling on Facebook and Instagram to recount the two “personalities” of the castle: the welcome in the elegant B&B, and the production and direct sale of wine;
  • Press review and follow up

The identity

of the Castello di Roncade brand.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the Castello di Roncade has been the home of the family of Baron Vincenzo Ciani Bassetti. Originally from Trentino and with ancient agricultural traditions, the family intervened in the architectural restructuring and replanting of the vineyards in the surrounding hectares.

valorizzare con grande impegno sia in vigna, sia in cantina che nell’ospitalità del B&B. Il vero cuore pulsante del Castello di Roncade è, infatti, la storia della famiglia che s’intrinseca a quella della villa.

Media kit

The passion for wine

The passion of wine is history. As early as 1500, the lands around the Castello di Roncade produced excellent wines, so much so that grape nectar was considered a food in all respects. The Ciani Bassetti family were born and raised amid the cellars of the castle with the heady scent of the grape harvest. This naturally led to a passion for wine production. The barons are very attached to the Villa Giustinian label: considered the prince of wines produced at Castello di Roncade. From the classic Bordeaux blend, obtained from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec grapes, aged for at least 24 months in French oak barrels and, thanks to the selection of the grapes in the best vintages, this wine also improves as it ages in the bottle.

Il B&B

The B&B del Castello di Roncade is an activity that Baron Vincenzo Ciani Bassetti started just over 30 years ago, to link wine tasting and history to the innate sense of Veneto hospitality. The renovated apartments for castle guests are in the side towers, while the more luxurious rooms were created in the central body of the villa.

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