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Antinoo’s Lounge & Restaurant

Un ristorante romantico a Venezia nel sestiere Dorsoduro


Antinoo’s Lounge & Restaurant

the restaurant of the five-star luxury hotel Sina Centurion Palace, of Sina Hotels.

Led by Executive Chef Giancarlo Bellino, the restaurant has become part of the major reference guides in the sector: Michelin Guide, Le Guide de L’Espresso, Gambero Rosso.

what we do:

We are responsible for the press office and PR

  • Communication planning
  • Media kit creation
  • Organization of tasting menus with specialized journalists
  • Press office for events organized locally by the Sina Centurion Palace in Venice and the headquarters of Sina Hotels in Rome
  • Photo shoot of the new menus and presentation to the media
  • Interviews with Executive Chef Giancarlo Bellino
  • Editing of texts for events and for participation in events
  • Preparation of press releases, drafting of texts, compilation of news and recipes for events and milestones
  • PR with local and national media, artists, institutions
  • Creation of monthly newsletters
  • Press review and follow up.

The identity

of Antinoo’s Lounge & Restaurant

Giving meaning to each dish and a significance to the whole, introducing yourself without shouting, telling where you come from and where you are, in a calm manner. Giancarlo Bellino is the executive chef of Antinoo’s Lounge & Restaurant. “My cuisine is simplicity, with all the complexity that embodies the search to compose and present a dish that is simple due to the purity of flavour and without forcing it”. The Executive Chef declares: “The contemporary flair of the dishes, respectful of the style of the Sina Centurion Palace, owes itself to the choice and preparation of the base ingredients”.

Giancarlo Bellino

born in 1983 in San Paolo di Civitate (Foggia) Puglia

with strong ties to Abruzzo. Deeply linked to his land, you can perceive its influence in many of his creations: “Antinoo’s Lounge & Restaurant is an international setting and it is a great honour to work in a luxury location, in the realm of five-star luxury hospitality, rich in charm with a contemporary and engaging design. The hotel’s clientele is attentive to Italian cuisine, but also to innovation”.

The kitchen aims to establish itself as a multi-sensory experience and not just as a self-indulgent moment of gastronomic satisfaction. A kitchen that considers food through a sensory grid in which the food is consumed on different “levels” and the cuisine is interpreted in its many facets.

Sina Centurion Palace
Dorsoduro 173, 30123 Venezia, Italy
Tel +39 041 34281 / +39 041 2413119