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“An entrepreneur in the kitchen”

9 December 2020

An entrepreneur in the kitchen

a book by Katia Da Ros

We took care of the press and PR office for the presentation of the book by Katia Da Ros, published by Linea Edizioni, entitled “An entrepreneur in the kitchen”, in Treviso and Milan. Katia Da Ros is a successful entrepreneur of Irinox, a Treviso-based company that is recognized in Italy and the world as a leader in rapid blast chillers for domestic and professional kitchens since 1989

the book

published by Linea Edizioni

In the book, prefaced by Davide Paolini, the Gastronauta, she recounts when, as a child, she collected recipes in an album with the desire to try her hand at being a cook by assembling the ingredients. She recounts how technology has changed her life by helping her to take better care of her mind and body.

Her first book An entrepreneur in the kitchen embodies the desire to share her experience with other men and women: “Change is possible and I would like to explain how I managed to improve my life”.