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Opening & Events, Presentations


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The best way to present your business

Our studio deals with studying the best way to present your business, a new company, a project, or a product to the public, the press, journalists, bloggers and influencers. We rely on hotels, restaurants, boutiques, companies, and entrepreneurs to plan and organize an event capable of attracting attention, starting a conversation, creating a buzz.

An anniversary, the presentation of a product, the opening of a shop, the celebration of a memorable moment of the brand, a traveling event, a corporate party.

How do we do it?

We study the best way to present you, creating a common thread with the public capable of making a connection, generating enthusiasm, arousing interest.

We are convinced that each story must be told in a unique way, to transmit the special charge of emotion it contains: this is the best way to make important milestones unforgettable ones.


idea creation, organization and event management

site visits and selection


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Panettone Word Championship 2021

meetings on the evolution of panettone at HostMilano

Sina Centurion Palace, Venezia

A five-star luxury hotel overlooking the Grand Canal

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