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Raccontiamo il vostro valore reale

We create communication plans that convey your core values. Positioning and reputation are the starting point for concrete creative strategies aiming to promote ideas and your identity.

How do we do it?

To do this we use clear language and by using the criteria and rules required by on and off line communication.

Each brand communication project is based on over 30 years of experience.


creation of the press kit

to represents the identity of the brand that contains the set of interesting news items that tell the story and identity of a person, a company. Journalists get more information from here to write an article,

targeted communications

aimed at increasing media attention in certain crucial periods of the year,

ongoing press office and PR media activities

(creation of a press kit, selection of images, continuous and coordinated communication with the sectors managed by other professionals),

PR and marketing branding,

social media posts

press visit, organizzazione di eventi, di opening e di visite one to one con la stampa,


periodic website copywriting and updating

We have cooperated with

Murano Glass Beyond The Barricades